Our Phylosophy

Luke's Place offers parents and carers a true alternative to choosing care services for their adult "children". It has been established by parents and every aspect of the service is approached from the viewpoint of what is best for the individual rather than what is best for the business. The needs and aspirations of the individual are paramount in Luke's Place.

 We don't compromise in our approach to care, if a room needs modifying, it will be modified, if the needs of an individual mean that specialist staff training is required, it will be identified and staff will be trained to support that need: and individuals support needs are constantly monitored and if those needs change, a reassessment will be carried out and the support programme which is in place will be changed to ensure that changing needs are met.

If something unplanned happens, Luke's Place has a pro-active approach. We will learn from the experience and take any necessary actions. Everything we do is open and transparent but we will respect the privacy of individuals and their rights.


Phylosophy of Care

Our care philosophy is aligned with the nationally recognised O’Brian’s Five Accomplishments

®  Community Presence.
We will increase the presence of individual in local community life.

®  Community Participation and Relationships.
We will expand and develop individuals friendships and relationships within the community

®  Respect and Having a Valued Role.
We will enhance the reputation that individuals have and increase the ways that individuals can contribute

®  Promoting Choice.
We will support individuals to have more control and choices in life.

®  Supporting Contribution.
We will support individuals to develop their skills and abilities to become more independent.

Objectives and Key Values

®  Involve family carers in planning with each individual.

®  Enable each individual to chose their lifestyle and lead a fulfilling life

®  Provide a homely environment in high quality surroundings.

®  Promote health and wellbeing

®  Protect each individual from abuse.

®  Deliver high quality support that meets each individuals needs.

®  Be person centred in everything we do.

®  Provide bespoke packages which support each individuals needs and aspirations.

®  Develop and maintain a qualified and experienced staff team that is well motivated and can meet the defined needs of each individual

Work in partnership with agencies to maximise opportunities for each individual within the service.


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